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A Smart Way to Borrow
Borrow for Any Reason
Use your home equity line for any reason. There is no requirement for the use of funds from your home equity credit line. Here are some important considerations you may find, like thousands of other homeowners do, as a smart way to use your home equity credit line:
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvement
  • Buy a New Car
  • Start a New Business
  • College Tuition
  • Buy Vacation or Investment Property
Whatever reason you need money for, you will find a home equity loan a smart and affordable way to have immediate access to cash up to $250,000.
For home equity lines of credit over $250,000, contact us.
Payoff an Existing Credit Line
Payoff your existing high interest rate home equity credit lines or increase your credit line up to $250,000 with a new home equity credit line. For home equity lines of credit over $250,000, contact us.
Enjoy Peace of Mind
Using our home equity loan can be a financially practical and a smart way to borrow money. You only pay interest on the funds you use and can assure yourself peace of mind knowing you have immediate cash available whenever and for whatever you need it for.
Reducing Your Existing Payments
Debt consolidation of your high interest credit cards and other debts into one lower payment could save you hundreds of dollars each month. Using a home equity loan to reduce your monthly debts can be a financially practical and tax* saving way to relieve the burden of high monthly payments that seem to have never-ending balances.
Tax Savings
The interest portion of a home equity loan may be tax deductible, similar to the deduction on your first mortgage. Check with your tax advisor for current details. The tax savings from a debt consolidation loan can be substantial when compared to non-deductible monthly debts.
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* Consult your tax advisor.

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