Security & Privacy Policy
Protecting Your Information
How Do We Protect Your Account?
  1. 128-bit High Encryption Browsers. We require you to use a secure browser to access account information and perform transactions. This helps to ensure that the information you access is secure and confidential. Netscape Navigator�, Netscape Communicator, and Microsoft� Internet Explorer are all browsers that support encryption.
  2. Encrypted Network. After you have entered your information, we use an encrypted network to transport data between our systems and our alliance systems. Ensuring the security of your financial transactions is never a finite process for us. We use security monitoring devices 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to help ensure that your information is secure.
Is Sending E-Mail to Us Secure?
We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent to us via e-mail because the information is not encrypted. Therefore, we strongly discourage you from including any confidential or private information in your e-mail. Specifically, we discourage you from including the following:
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Bank Account Numbers
  • Other Personal Financial Information
We cannot be responsible for any damages you sustain if you transmit confidential or sensitive information to us via e-mail.
Additionally, we will not include such information in our e-mail messages to you.
What is SSL and How Does it Protect Me?
SSL is a protocol designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide secure communications on the Internet. Essentially, SSL does three things:
  1. SSL creates a secure communication channel by encrypting communication between the user and the server.
  2. SSL authenticates that the server to which you are connected is indeed correct. You can be assured that you are actually communicating with us, and not a third party trying to intercept the transaction.
  3. SSL conducts a cryptographic word count to ensure data integrity between the server and the user. The word count (or checksum) provides a count of the number of bytes in a document and ensures the exact number of bytes is transmitted and received. With SSL, even this check sum is encrypted so it cannot be modified. If a message is not received in its entirety, it is rejected and another copy of the message is sent automatically.
Why isn't the Padlock on My Browser Locked?
The reason the padlock icon provided on your browser may not appear locked (symbolizing an encrypted session) is because certain pages of our website may use frames to display information. The navigation bar across the top of your screen is one frame. The selections that appear on the left are another frame. The main portion of the site appears in the remaining frame. Frames that display general information about the site, such as the navigation bar across the top of your screen, are not encrypted. However, any screen that displays or requests information about your account, user name, password, application and other sensitive information is encrypted.
If you have additional questions about data security, please e-mail us. If you would like information on how we help ensure the privacy of your data please view our Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy
We know that your trust in using us is of central importance to you. This Privacy Policy discloses practices with respect to use of your nonpublic personal information ("information") in detail. Please read it to learn more about the ways we protect information we collect.
We only share information about you within affiliated companies and our approved lenders for the purpose of completing your mortgage loan transaction. Except where required by law for government agency auditing purposes, all information about you shared with affiliated companies is necessary to complete the mortgage loan application process initiated by you. Because we do not share information except to administer the transaction as requested by you, the consumer, please be aware that there is no option to "opt out" of information sharing. We reserve the right to share all information we collect as this policy describes.
Please read this policy and keep it for your records.
Changes to our Privacy Policy
As changes occur within our information practices, we will provide you notice of any material changes. This Privacy Policy supersedes all previous notices or statements with respect to subject matters described in this policy.
The Policy Applies To You
The descriptions in this policy apply to our relationships with individual consumers who inquire about and/or obtain products or services from us and/or through our affiliated service providers. While this Policy does not apply to business accounts, our commercial customers' information is also very important to us. We also respect the privacy of our commercial customers, and take steps necessary to protect their information.
Strict Security Measures
We take the security of information very seriously and have established security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to consumer information. These standards exist for both our physical facilities and our online services. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard consumer information.
Limited Employee Access
For your protection only authorized employees have access to information with a business reason for accessing such information. We educate employees about the importance of confidentiality and consumer privacy. We take appropriate measures to enforce employee responsibilities regarding safeguarding consumer information.
Collecting Information
Collecting information about you is required to:
  1. Accurately identify you;
  2. Protect and administer your records, accounts, and mortgage loan applications;
  3. Help us design or improve our products and services;
  4. Understand your mortgage needs;
  5. Offer you quality products and services; and
  6. Comply with certain laws and regulations.
Sources of Information Collected
If you would like more information, please e-mail us.
Your relationship with us is a way for you to gain access to complete, customized mortgage origination solutions. We offer innovative products and personal attention while working hard to protect the confidentiality and security of information. Thank you for allowing us to provide you with the products and services you need while respecting your privacy and protecting your confidentiality.

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